Interior Design. Procurement. International.

We have over 30 years’ experience delivering exceptional Interior Design and cost-effective Procurement solutions to an international client base.

We work efficiently and effectively to make our clients vision reality.

The impressive range and diversity of our portfolio is a measure of the quality we deliver internationally.


Trevor Cotterell
Managing Director
Pauline Chambers
Finance Director
Raid Ziadeh
Theo Nicolaou
Head of Design
Andrew Linwood
Head of Hospitality Design
Nik Lünow
Head of Contracts and Procurement
James Foord
Head of Marketing
Tim Gilbert
Group HR Manager
Stefano Lewis
IT Manager


We are proud to have been a patron of CRASH charity for the past 4 years.

Our team has lent their skills, both professionally and as fundraisers to support CRASH in their impetus to create places that care for vulnerable people in homelessness projects and hospices.


Areen was founded in 1985 and since grown to employ over 300 people today. The Areen Group is made up of three autonomous companies with complementary skills in Interior Design, Architecture & Procurement.